If you are looking to get your car restored you have come the the right place. Whether you are looking to get your car fully restored or need help finishing your already started restoration, we can help. We perform all aspects of car restoration, and all of our labor is 100% guaranteed.


Restoring a car can take a hundreds of hours of work and if you are learning as you go, mistakes can make it significantly longer and more expensive. Since there are thousands of parts that go into a vehicle you need adequate space to spread them out and keep them organized. Not to mention it takes an assortment of tools and techniques that not everyone has at their disposal. If you have a car which needs to be restored but you lack the time, space or equipment to complete the project the experts at Prime Time Auto Group can craft the classic you have always wanted. We have the equipment and skill to return most any car to its original beauty and functionality.


While owners buy projects cars to enjoy them many often end up dreading the time, cost of tools or difficultly of the processes needed to complete them. As a result classic cars sit partially restored in yards and garages. Unfortunately, the longer a restoration sits unfinished the higher the likelihood more parts will degrade and need to be replaced. If you have a vision for your restoration but lack the time, tools or expertise needed to finish the job we can help. Stop putting off your restoration and start enjoying your dream car.


Frame off restoration ensures each and every aspect of the restoration is returned to its original factory quality. The resulting restored car is as good as factory new condition.


The body of a restoration may have damage such as gaps, dings and waves. Rust is common when it comes to restorations and must be completely repaired to avoid it from spreading and causing further damage. Let us properly repair your restoration’s body and return it to its original integrity.


The engine is the heart of a restoration and often the most difficult to restore. Many engines are rare and there is no room for error because replacing them could be far too expensive or even impossible. Some parts within the engine may not be available and the existing part may have to be reconditioned to get it back to manufacturers specifications. The best way to be sure your engine rebuild is done right is to take it to the experts at Prime Time Auto Group.


Prime Time Auto Group has extensive experience with restoring upholstery and the business relationships needed to find the appropriate material to match your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get the job done right the first time and save you the time and frustration.


A superior paint job is the perfect finishing touch for your restoration. Prime Time Auto Group can create any styling you would like. From a custom color theme to effects, pin striping and more.


Custom fabrication can replicate missing or damaged parts to replace parts which may no longer be available. It is often an essential part of completing authentic restorations. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about completing your authentic classic or customizing your one of a kind restoration.


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